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Teacher Grade Level Phone Email
Ms. Shamback Principal Ext. 106 Email
Ms. Turban Preschool Ext. 178 Email
Ms. Crawford Kindergarten Ext. 183 Email
Ms. Krance Kindergarten Ext. 186 Email
Ms. Dube Grade 1/2 Ext. 176 Email
Ms. Maddux Grade 1/2 Ext. 174 Email
Ms. Nowak Grade 1/2 Ext. 177 Email
Ms. Mackiewicz Grade 3/4 Ext. 129 Email
Ms. Mariol Grade 3/4 Ext. 132 Email
Ms. Sharpe Grade 3/4 Ext. 122 Email
Ms. Balstad Grade 5/6 Ext. 121 Email
Ms. Corey Grade 5/6 Ext. 133 Email
Ms. Fontaine Grade 5/6 Ext. 124 Email
Ms. Labbe Grade 7 (Mathematics) Ext. 212 Email
Ms. Majkut Grade 7 (Language Arts) Ext. 215 Email
Mr. Loughead Grade 8 (Social Studies) Ext. 211 Email
Ms. Scorza Grade 8 (Science) Ext. 150 Email
Ms. Monahan Art Ext. 152 Email
Ms. Parrish Music Ext. 184 Email
Mr. Fitzgerald Physical Education | Health Ext. 214 Email
Mr. Ferran School Psychologist Ext. 139 Email
Ms. Runquist Social Worker Ext. 192 Email
Ms. Claspell Special Education Teacher Ext. 148 Email
Ms. Johnson Special Education Teacher Ext. 169 Email
Ms. Jones Special Education Teacher Ext. 217 Email
Ms. McKeag Special Education Teacher Ext. 175 Email
Ms. Boucher Speech and Language Pathology Ext. 140 Email
Ms. Warren Speech and Language Pathology Ext. 175 Email
Ms. Bradshaw Building Substitute Email
Mr. Hensley Building Substitute Email
Mr. Piazza Long-Term Building Substitute Ext. 215 Email
Ms. Samokar Building Substitute Email
Mr. Shaughnessy Building Substitute Email
Ms. Baldyga Instructional Interventionist Ext. 173 Email
Ms. Danna Instructional Interventionist Ext. 173 Email
Ms. Dickinson Paraprofessional Email
Ms. Rogers Paraprofessional Email
Ms. Sheppard Paraprofessional Email
Ms. Wakelee Paraprofessional Email
Mr. Lehmann Technology Support Ext. 141 Email
Ms. Gray Library Ext. 143 Email