Sayles School Classrooms

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Teacher Phone
Library Ms. Gray Ext. 143
Principal / Technology Coordinator Ms. Schoman Ext. 106
Preschool Ms. Turban Ext. 183
Kindergarten Ms. Barber Ext. 183
Ms. O'Leary Ext. 186
Grade 1 Ms. Brevoort Ext. 175
Ms. Maddux Ext. 174
Grade 2 Ms. Markey-Cirillo Ext. 176
Ms. Nowak Ext. 177
Grade 3 Ms. Lorenzo Ext. 171
Grade 4 Ms. Gabriel Ext. 122
Ms. Jackson Ext. 132
Grade 5 Ms. Christie Ext. 124
Ms. Sharpe Ext. 129
Grade 6 Mr. Jones Ext. 133
Ms. Scovish Ext. 121
Middle School
Grade 7 Mr. Neilan     (Social Studies) Ext. 215
Ms. Nieminen   (Language Arts) Ext. 211
Grade 8 Ms. Labbe   (Mathematics) Ext. 212
Ms. Roy  (Science) Ext. 150
Student Enrichment
Art Ms. LeClair Ext. 152
Music Ms. Kessler Ext. 184
Physical Education / Health Mr. Fitzgerald Ext. 214
Special Services
Director of Pupil Personnel Services Mr. Bochman Ext. 228
Positive Behavior Intervention Assistant \ Early Childhood Assistant Ms. Hawks Ext. 145
Psychologist Ms. Runquist Ext. 139
Social Worker Ms. Sullivan Ext. 192
Student Achievement Specialists Ms. Kirdzik Ext. 148
Ms. Kowalski Ext. 169
Ms. Llinas Ext. 173
Ms. Snoke Ext. 217
Speech and Language Pathology Ms. Boucher Ext. 140
Ms. Hogg Ext. 140
Instructional Interventionist Ms. Dalmau Ferrer Ext. 169
Mr. Mercado Ext. 169
Student Achievement Assistants Ms. French
Ms. Grant
Ms. Lighthouse
Ms. Lunt
Ms. Staebner
Ms. Willson
Ms. Yerrington
Substitutes Ms. Conley
Ms. Hungerford
Mr. Kalinowski
Ms. Smith




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